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                        Welcome To Ningbo Haishu Holy Hardware Co.,Ltd.

                        We, Holy hardware was founded in 2007 and is a professional manufacturer which produce various standard and non-standard nuts ,we produce Hex nuts, Heavy hex nuts, Flange nuts, Nylon insert lock nuts,prevailling torque nuts,domed nuts,weld nuts,wing nuts,and many other special nuts in china. Our factory are located in the central region of Pinghu, Zhejiang Province, close to Shanghai and Ningbo city, transportation is very convenient. We have established long-term business relationship with many top companies all over the world.

                        Tel: 0086-574-83865466
                        Fax: 0086-574-83865455
                        E-mail: holyindustrial7@gmail.com ; Jane.xia@holy-hardware.com
                        Contact Person: Pierre Zhang ; Jane.Xia


                        Tel: 0086-574-83865466 Fax: 0086-574-83865455 E-mail: admin@holy-hardware.com
                        CopyRight (C) Ningbo Haishu Holy hardware Co.,Ltd All Rights Reserved

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